Beautiful short story ❤

Lair of a Wordsmith ©

This story was written for my Book Club’s short story competition and won second place.


Anaya smiled as she laid her son in his cradle. She had come a long way. Smiling as she sung her baby a lullaby, she thought back to the time when she was afraid to be left alone with her child in fear of what harm she may bring to little Shani.

“You’re not ready, love.” Mohsin, her husband, would say. Listening to those words was a figurative slap but deep in her heart she knew that was not his intention.

Almost a year ago, she was in an accident due to which Shani was born pre-maturely and she had lost her sight. As she had cradled her baby, tears streamed down her face and darkness surrounded her. Anaya had craved to see her little boy she had been preparing to welcome. Mohsin had…

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